Monday, May 16, 2011

Time For Dolls Meeting

Yesterday was my doll club's May meeting and we finished presenting our round robin dolls and assembled them. They came out fantastic!! I am so happy with all the talent that is in our doll club, it is so inspiring. Everyone comes up with new and creative ideas, it is so much fun.

The first picture is all of the dolls together. Most of them weren't finished being assembled, that is why they are sitting in baskets and leaning up against things. I think Carolyn was the only one to completely finish assembling her doll, but then again she is a superstar!

This picture is of Deborah's doll. She had such great fabrics and everyone who worked on her did a fantastic job. I love the doll that Deborah used, she is so pretty!

This is Evelyn's doll. I worked on her arms making black lace gloves and a red sleeve. With some jewelry of course. Sue added the hair which are white feathers - it looks fantastic. How creative!

This is Pam's doll, she is just beautiful. I don't know who did the arms and legs but I do know that Paloma did the costuming. The front torso is all beaded and then she made strips of tulle, ribbon and fabrics for the skirt, very pretty!

These are Carolyn's (on the left) and Paloma's (on the right). I did the costuming on Carolyn's. I made her skirt of different colored tulle and gathered them about 2" from the bottom and tied them with floss and added a bell. Pam had originally made harem style pants so that gave me the idea to make the skirt that way. Paloma's doll is so pretty, I worked on her legs making shoes and doing some bead work.

This is Sue's doll. She is so tiny! She doesn't have her hair yet, can't wait to see her finished. Sue had beautiful fabrics to work with, but they are really hard to see in this picture.

And, this is my doll. Paloma did the legs and sandals, Carolyn did the sleeves and a tatoo, and Evelyn did the costuming. I absolutely love, love, love this doll!! Her arms are only pinned on in this picture so when she is finished I will have better pictures of her. The bodice is all little yo-yos, so cute!

It was another great meeting with so much creativity flying around and a lot of good conversation and fun.

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