Saturday, February 27, 2010


You've probably heard of big foot, but I was able to make BIG HEAD! This is so funny I thought any one out there who might take a look would find this funny as well. This is my personal challenge doll I'm making with Sherry Goshen's online club. I laughed so hard, I made her face too big. Actually, the size of the head is fine she has a hat that is molded around the top half of the head. The hat should be where her eyes are. So I need to make another head, not that its difficult I just don't like drawing faces on a flat head. I'm not very good at it but it will be ok. It's hard to get the scale correct when I don't have the hat. Maybe I should make that first, oh boy, not sure how to make the hat. Boy, this doll is a challenge and then some!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time For Dolls February meeting

On Sunday we had our Time For Dolls club meeting. We had sooo much fun!! These are pictures of our "Seasons Doll Challenge" dolls. They came out great, the first picture is Vera's doll. This is only the second face that Vera painted - what a great job!! She dressed her little girl doll in clothes from when her daughter was a little girl, such a cute idea.The second picture is my doll, her name is Summer and she is a Patti LaValley pattern. I am so sick of looking out my window at gray skies and snow so I needed some sunshine in my life, in one form or another. The next picture is Evelyn's doll and she is a snow queen. She has snowflakes going down her arms and has beading on her dress and her fingernails (snazzy!) and I love that she used white pom-poms for her hair with some eyelash yarn accent. The next doll is Pam's Give Us a Kiss designed by Colleen Babcock. Instead of hanging her doll from a kissing ball, Pam chose to have her in a stand with her arms outstreached ready for a big hug and kiss, very charming. I love the Mary Englebreight fabric she used for the apron. The next picture is Deborah's Ari Briavel doll from our workshop with Barbara Schoenoff last October. She used beautiful fabrics and the doll is so wintery looking. The next picture is also Deborah's doll it is Father Christmas. He is a stump doll with a gorgeous coat and his head is porcelain or ceramic or clay (sorry Deborah I forgot). And the last picture is Pam's Ari Briavel. She is beautiful in her aqua ultra suede and real fur. Everyone did a great job on the challenge dolls.
Then Pam taught us a very cute art doll that she designed from an invitation that she received. I didn't take pictures of work in progress I was too busy working but the dolls should be done for next meeting and I will take pictures then, it is such a cute doll.
Next month we are going to work on the wrap doll from Ray Slater's book, that will be a great doll to work on as most members haven't done wire armature yet.
There is also big new brewing, I'm very excited but can't talk about it yet. Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Doll

This is a new doll that I made, she is Morning Glory designed by Cindee Moyer.
My doll club, Time For Dolls is having a doll challenge and the theme was "Seasons". I chose to make this doll and as I was making her I really didn't like her that well, I liked the doll, I just didn't like the way she was turning out for me. But as I finished her I really liked her a lot but in the mean time I made another doll for my club's doll challenge, I'll post her picture next week after our meeting this Sunday. Hope you enjoy seeing her, she was a lot of fun to make.

New Legs Done

Well, I made some new legs for my Sherry Goshen Personal Challenge Doll (that's a mouthful!). I really like these, probably because of the pink, but what started them off was this piece of dupioni silk that I had. The weave of the silk one direction is a royal blue and the other direction is a fushia pink, so depending on how you look at the silk it is blue, or pink or purple. I just love it. The silk is also going to be a skirt as well as the boots, if I ever get that far. I sewed the little boobies on to the body and I sewed the legs onto the body also then I gessoed the body. That has to dry for 24 hours, then I get to paperclay and enhance the boobies and butt, let that dry and then decoupage some tissue papers I got that are really pretty onto her body and that will be her top. The same gessoeing and decoupaging gets done to her arms also. I think she will be a pretty doll, but we'll see how the head goes - that is another story all together!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Need new legs

Well, Sunday as I was working on my challenge doll for Sherry's group I totally ruined the legs! I couldn't believe it. I saved the boots, I really like those. So now that I have seen the doll finished, I'm going to go with a different color scheme and hopefully can make this work. Sherry's doll is gorgeous, but she makes amazing dolls. It will be fun to see what every one else's doll is going to look like.
On an even uglier note, it started snowing here. It is supposed to snow until tomorow afternoon or evening. So depressing!!
Well, I'll post the new legs when I get them done, hopefully I'll start this afternoon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I keep forgetting to write about my hearts. This is a swap on Sherry's group. Sherry designed an adorable doll called "Key to My Heart" and her skirt is made from hearts. Well, the swap is to make 1 to 3 hearts from the pattern and we will have a swap. Actually the deadline is next week so I need to put the felt backings on! These were a lot of fun to make. The orange one was the first one I did. When I found this fabric in my stash I was so excited because I knew I could do
some bead embroidery following the leaf shapes. Then I had some leaf beads so I did a few fringes to the side. This was so much fun especially since beads have become my new passion, not so much for jewelry but I love bead embroidery. I want to learn how to make jewelry and the different stitches and hopefully that will give me more confidence with the bead embroidery that I love.

Legs continued

Well, I finally got around to taking some pictures of the boots that I made for my Sherry Goshen challenge doll. They are made of ulta suede and have a trim at the top and sequins and beads down the front. And I have her legs pinned to her body. Now I have to attach the boobies and use paperclay to smooth and enhance said boobies and also a butt. I've only used paperclay once so I'm a little scared of it but I will forge ahead because the rest of the doll is so cool and looks like so much fun! We'll see where this goes.