Thursday, May 12, 2011

Santos Maria Cage Skirt Doll

I finished my cage skirt doll and I really love her. She is such a beautiful design from Leslie Molen. The first picture I have is the original skirts of the doll. I wasn't very happy with mine because I used an embroidered fabric for the overskirt and you could not see very much of the overskirt so I decided to make another one and make the back longer. The second picture shows what I did. The original size of the overskirt is great if I was using lace or netting, something like that but where I had this beautiful embroidered fabric I really wanted that to show more. I am really pleased with the way it turned out.

Here is a picture of the finished doll, from the front and the back.

Then is a picture of the heart and base trim. I actually got the trim at Treasures of the Gypsy when I was at AFIC. It is so perfect. Then I went online at and found instructions to do the picot beaded edging. The instructions were great. I love that website, there is a lot of stuff on there.

I still need to finish my Taulbee doll, so that is to follow.


  1. The doll is gorgeous. I'm glad you changed the outer skirt because the embroidery is lovely and you needed to see the whole design. Oh, the beading on the heart just shimmers.

    It was a great class!

  2. Beautiful doll, exquisite fabrics - and I am in awe of your ability to finish dolls on a timely basis!