Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marionette Pictures

Pam's doll
Here are the pictures of the marionettes as they were just finished in the classroom before they were strung. At the bottom are pictures of the marionettes, strung up and on display. The last day of class at JCC, all the artisans meet in the main room and display their work. It's a great way to end the week
Kim's doll

Jennie's doll

Mary's doll

Marty's doll

Judy's doll

Gayle's doll

Jill's doll

Charlie's doll
Joann's doll
Kit's doll

Debbie's doll

Marionette's on display
Marionette's on display

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marionette Class

My last posting I told you about my trip down to John C Campbell Folk School. I didn't write a lot about it then because I got sick when I was down there and sicker when I got home. So, I'm not functioning as well as I'd like to be. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like I was swallowing razor blades, it was awful. And, everyday there I felt worse. Then on Saturday on the way home Pam and I stopped in Beckley WV for the night and Pam took me to an urgent care. They said I had strep throat, gave me a shot of anti-biotic and a prescription for more anti-biotic. After a couple days no more sore throat. But I developed a cough and I was driving myself crazy. On Thursday I called the doctor, couldn't get in to see my doctor but saw another one that is in the practice. She put me on an electric inhilator with medication because she couldn't hear anything in my lungs. That helped after a few minutes and she sent me right down to x-ray. She called the local pharmacy and ordered a z-pack and an inhilator. They called the next morning and no pneumonia thanks goodness. I haven't been sick in over 7 years so it hit me pretty hard but another week or so and I should be back on my feet. Enough about me!! I meant to include these 2 pictures of JCC in my last posting but... here is a picture of the path we walked everyday from Pam's and my room to the dining hall or the main house then back again to class, then back again to eat and back again to class, etc, etc, etc.

Path between dining hall and room

Wild rhododendron on path

Leslie's marionette

This is Leslie's marionette that she taught at John C Campbell June 10-16. It was a wonderful class for all the usual reasons, Leslie is a great teacher, the people were so nice and it's always so much fun. But I thought it was wonderful because this doll was so different. Her body, arms and legs are wood pieces held together with ribbon.
Inside my marionette

Leslie getting ready to teach

Les applying glue to mask
She is such a ham!!

Leslie's mask with fabric attached

These are my body parts made of fabric, from the top: boots, boobs, hands and ears 
Body parts

This is my head with her first round of coloring. 

My head

Leslie demonstrating how to string the marionette
Mary Annette
And this is my finished doll. My friend Judy Brown suggested her name, I thought it was adorable. Just like my doll!
Mary Annette-close up
Leslie demonstrating how to walk the marionette
Another post to follow with pictures of everyone's dolls. Is it just me or does anyone else who uses blogspot have trouble posting their pictures? It makes me crazy. It used to be pretty easy, now nothing goes where I want it to. Oh well.............

Friday, June 22, 2012

My trip to John C Campbell Folk School

Guitar across from rest stop in TN

 Pam and I started out early on June 9th for our week at John C Campbell Folk School. We took a marionette class with Leslie Molen. It was a very long drive to our first destination, Ashville, NC where we spent the night. One interesting thing we saw was this giant guitar in Tennessee across from a rest stop.

I forgot to take pictures in Ashville, but we stayed at the Hampton Inn which was very nice and we went downtown to eat at Modesto, a great little restaurant. We got a table on the sidewalk and it was a beautiful evening for dining out.

Sunday morning we walked around the galleries downtown and saw some of Akira Blount's dolls - just lovely! Then we left for JCC and registered and went to our room which was at the Field House. It is one of the nicer places to stay there. Five o'clock was orientation and six o'clock was dinner. After dinner our class met at the Fibers Studio, which was conveniently located across the street from our room, where Leslie discusses what we would be doing all week.

The Field House

Eco Friendly sign for the Field House

My next post will show what we did in class.