Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finn Darien is finished

This is my Finn Darien from the Barbara Schoenoff workshop that my doll club, Time for Dolls sponsored.
We had a wonderful weekend, there were 17 students in all and we had a great time.
I'm not totally happy with this doll, it's not my best work by far. There were a combination of things that came together, this was the first time I had used Airtex filling in a doll and I think I need a little more experience with it. Poor Finn's face wasn't stuffed well at all and I wasn't crazy about the colors I chose for his clothes. I don't like earth colors especially brown but this doll really required those colors I thought, so his clothes came out ok but I'm just not feeling "it". Then the doctor called the Monday before the workshop and moved my surgery up a week so it was the day after the workshop - aaauuuggghhh! I had to change appointments, freak out about the surgery, finish the pre-work for the doll, finish the name tags, freak out about the surgery, Pam and I set up the classroom, had to get the ice for the water, freak out about the surgery - YIKES!!
Anyway, everyone did have a great time at the workshop although I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked to but it was great.
So, tomorrow is the 4 week mark for the hysterectomy. Still feeling more pain then I thought I would, and I have zero energy, can not believe how tired I am all the time. I bought some vitamins today so hopefully that will help. Some people I know told me I would love having this surgery, well guess what - NOT LOVING IT!!! They probably loved it because they were having big problems and felt so much better after. My situation wasn't like that but it was really a good thing I did have it because my pathology report was a lot worse than I thought it would be but we caught everything in time and now all I have to do is heal.
Unfortunately with having no energy I haven't made any dolls. I have 2 Christmas dolls waiting to be made and a purse that I want to make. I go in my sewing room and sit for a while then get up and go lay down on the couch, but I guess I just need more time.
Well, I do write this blog basically for myself but if anyone out there in cyberspace is reading I hope you have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.