Friday, March 22, 2013

Lillian continued...

Here is Lillian finished. I thought this fabric would be great for her coat. She has pearl-like buttons down the front, and is sporting a feather collar and cuffs. Although as I look at these pictures, the feathers seem to be "out of control"! But they don't look like that in person. I took a close up of her boots. It took me a week to make them and they are painted on but have a heel made of clay, then felt on the bottom for a sole. It was the clay-I don't know why but it scared me to death. So crazy, I'm just not use to using clay and it was such a tiny piece that if it didn't turn out ok I could make 20 more if I had to. It's just a mind block that I have to get over because I actually enjoyed working with the clay, which is a good thing because her dog is covered in clay. YIKES!! Actually, I am looking forward to making the dog, after all it is only clay over an armature. And if I have to make 10 dogs then I make 10 dogs             - practice makes perfect!

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Doll

I haven't posted anything for a while, but after I got over my winter blues in December and January where I didn't even walk into my sewing room and was sick for 3 weeks in February, I am sewing again.
 I decided not to go to any doll classes or workshops this year since I went to so many last year, I got a little burnt out (and poor!). So my plan was to finish the dolls that are at least half done, and work on some doll classes I bought online last year that I haven't even touched. Well... for Christmas I put 2 online doll classes on my wish list at Joggles and my husband gave me those for Christmas. The first one has started and I am trying to stay up with the class because he keeps asking me about it. It is Lillian and Max by Cindee Moyer and my second gift class starts in the beginning of April and that is The Princess and the Pea also by Cindee Moyer (love her dolls!!). So I wanted to show you my progress on Lillian. She has a beautiful shade of blue dupioni silk dress, that won't be seen when it is finished, so I had to take a picture. Then I had a little trouble fitting her little hat so I gave her a hair weft to fill in the hat. But I like her progress so far.