Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Chun Woo doll

 These are pictures of my doll. I bought the fabric for her pants last fall. Then I ordered some fabrics online from equilter, but didn't think it went very well with the fabric I had and I really like the pants fabric and wanted to use it. So I looked at Suzannes Quilts and I fell in love with the fabric that I used for her jacket. I also got her hat fabric which is red with black vines and I got a red batik that I used to band the sleeves and pants with. I just wished I had cut the cranes out so they would be a little higher but her bag covers them up in this picture. I have the doll on my desk and moved the bag over a little and it looks a lot better. Oh well! I was able to cut the fabric to have the colors where I wanted them to be. I got the sun in the center of her back - so cool!!  It is hard to see but I beaded a picot edge around her hat with red and black beads. I made her shoes out of dupioni silk, it's like a charcoal grey color but really dark, almost black. I love how she came out - so cute!!

The fabrics that I got from equilter are going to be used to make Chun Woo's sister Ling Li when I go to Denver in August to take the class at Leslie's studio. I'm really looking forward to that trip especially since I lived just outside of Boulder for 6 years before moving here.
Chun Woo

Chun Woo from back

Chun Woo - close up

Chun Woo's shoes

Pictures from Chun Woo Workshop

Here are pictures of the dolls in progress at the workshop. I don't have a picture of Joyce's because she had to leave early. I didn't take a picture of mine at the workshop either but I have some now that she is finished and will post them. They all came out so cute! I love everyone's fabrics.
Barbara's doll

Dot's doll

Jeanne's doll

Judy's doll

Margie's doll

Paloma's doll

Pam's doll

Chun Woo Workshop

Leslie posing

Leslie showing us her lime green glasses -kool!
 This past weekend I attended a
 wonderful workshop put on by Pam Rowe in Akron, Ohio. Leslie Molen came to teach her Chun Woo doll. The
   doll was so much fun to make from choosing what fabrics I wanted to use to putting her together to painting her face. Leslie is such a fun person and a wonderful teacher. I have taken a few classes from her, I'll be taking 2 more this year. I enjoy her so much and she is a great teacher and has so much knowledge to share.
Leslie painting eyes
Leslie hamming-it-up for the camera


Group photo

This is the group of wonderful women who were in the class. In the back is Margie, on the sofas are from left to right - Jeanne, me, Judy, Dot, Pam Joyce and on the floor are Leslie and Paloma. Barbara isn't in this photo because she was taking a hundred pictures with everyone's cameras and phones. Thanks Barbara!

Barbara who took the group photos

Big thanks to Leslie for coming and teaching a wonderful workshop and thanks to Pam for putting on a great workshop.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finished Doll

 Well it took me quite a while, but I finally finished a doll! This was an online class from Joggles by Barbara Schoenoff called the "Spirit of Christmas Past".  She is made all in white so it is hard to see all the embellishments but it was so fun to make. Unfortunately the pictures aren't that great, I couldn't seem to find the right light and I have to admit it's not my best effort but I've had a few difficult months and I'm trying to push myself back into doll making because I have a lot of classes to go to this year.