Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time For Dolls April 19, 2009

We had a great doll club meeting today. It was a nice turnout. Pam demonstrated face sculpting and then I demonstrated face coloring.
I hope everyone got something from the demos that they can use.
We all voted on a subject that we would like to do for our club challenge. Pam, Rosemarie and I will tally the results at our board meeting and get it down to 2 choices then the club will vote next month.
I brought my camera but as usual forgot to take some pictures.
Oh well, Ed started back to work last week and I'm feeling a little lost. I have to get myself centered or at least on the right track. This cold rainy weather is not helping at all!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dotee Dolls

I'm doing a Dottee Doll swap at Doll Street Dreamers. I finally finished mine. The creative process for me is really interesting (at least to me). The pink one with the head scarf I wanted to look like a Russian nesting doll and I think she's pretty close to that. And the rag doll holding her dotee doll looks exactly like I pictured her but the one with the bikini - well, she started out to be a little girl with a little skirt and pig tails but then definately took on a life of her own. But I like her the best and she makes me laugh so I hope whoever gets her will enjoy her also.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wayside Farms

Yesterday, Wednesday April 8, 2009 Pam, Rosemarie and I represented our doll club "Time For Dolls" and brought a display of our dolls to the Wayside Farms Nursing Home. Well, the ladies were delighted to see all the beautiful dolls. They had never seen dolls like that before and the ladies who were able to comprehend the experience were so facinated and asked lots of questions. It was a very rewarding experience. The staff could not believe that we held the residents attention for almost 45 minutes. The ladies were so taken with the dolls that the staff is thinking of getting a pancake type of doll and letting some of the ladies hand sew them. I know that would mean a lot to them. It just amazes me how much this glorious world of art dolls brings so much pleasure to so many people.
I must also thank my husband Ed for helping me carry in my dolls and taking some pictures - only of the dolls not the residents - and just being a great supporter of mine and my time-consuming hobby.


Well, I finished a new doll, Dorinda which was designed by Barbara Schoenoff. She was a lot of fun to make. I wasn't sure I was really happy with my selection of fabrics, but my friends really liked them so that gave me the confidence to look at her as being ok instead of looking at her and thinking I did something wrong. Now I am happy with her.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I can't breathe!

Well, in my last posting I had some nice pictures of the Doll Gatherers' beautiful display at the Sewing Expo in Cleveland at the I-X Center. Well, the people who had the booth behind the dolls accidentally knocked into the tables and shelves of dolls as they were taking their booth down and a lot of the dolls fell over. And of course the only damage done was to one of my dolls. My beautiful Equestrienne's horse broke his nose. I was shocked when I first saw my poor horse but now I can look at him and laugh. Thank goodness it was a clean break so I need to get styrofoam glue for the styrofoam part and I think Grippp will work on the paper mache part and then some paint touch up. Hopefully he will look ok. I guess that's the chance that you take when you show your dolls and they are not displayed in a closed in case or a protected area. Lesson learned!!