Monday, May 3, 2010

Lady Pod and Sweetpea

Linda Misa, a very talented doll artist from Australia, is in the process of moving this week actually. Anyway, she decided to sell some of her dolls at extremely reasonable prices so I decided I had to have one. I bought Lady Pod and Sweetpea. I have had the pattern for a couple of years but other dollmaking got in the way and so I never did make her, but when I saw that Linda was selling hers I was so excited. She has arrived, in great shape I might add considering her long trip.

When I finish redecorating my house I will have to find the perfect spot to display her. Right now she sits on my sewing table so I can see her every time I sew. Of course right now that is not as often as I want it to be since I'm painting walls and moving furniture and changing rooms and TRYING to get workers to show up and repair a few things! Anyway here are some pictures of my beautiful new doll that I bought.

Nesting Robin

Well Spring has certainly arrived in my back yard. I have a pretty small back yard, just a few very large spruce trees where the birds love to nest, they are almost like apartment buildings for birds. Some birds like to own the whole building (tree) like the cardinals, they like their privacy.

It seems that the trees were full this year so this little Robin had to find accomodations elsewhere. She is nesting on the downspout along the fireplace and right next to the sliding doors to the deck. Most of the time when I open the door, usually to let my sweet little Lucy out -
isn't she adorable?
Sorry, I digress, anyway back to the Robin, usually when I open the slider she flies away - not very far of course - then comes back to the nest when we go inside. There have been a couple of occasions where she didn't leave the nest, maybe her hatching time is near, so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos.
Then yesterday when I was leaving home I noticed across the street where there are 2 ponds that 2 geese where standing by the road and they had a whole bunch of adorable little babies. The babies where so tiny and fluffy yellow so cute! I love watching the Canada Geese and their babies because they stay with their parents for a long time and it's great to watch them grow up. Ahhh, nature at its best.