Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lillian and Max - Finished!

 I finally finished my Lillian and Max doll. This was an online class that was taught by Cindee Moyer. It was a Christmas gift from my husband. So I dropped everything I was working on and worked on this doll. It took a little longer than it should have because the dog is clay. I've only used clay a couple of times so it really gave me pause (or paws, pun intended!). But I finally worked up the courage and just went for it. He isn't very smooth but it's not noticeable because he is covered in strips of paper. I actually enjoyed working with the clay, I just have to do it more often. Overall, I'm pleased. What I really can't believe is that this is the first doll that I have completed since last August. I have 5 other dolls that are 75% - 90% finished, but, NOT finished.
Another great design from Cindee, I just love her designs!!
Taking a little vacation then hopefully more dolls to come.