Saturday, November 17, 2012

Working on Mystery Doll Part 3

 I've done some more work on my Mystery Doll. This doll is a lot more detailed than I thought.
Her shoes are red dupioni. I added a piece of venice lace that I had cut out from a larger design.
Her crinoline is red batik with 4 wire hoops. Now that was time consuming but will be well worth it. It will make her skirt sit beautifully.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mystery Doll Part 2

I finished Part 2 of my mystery doll by Colleen Babcock. I previously showed her head, which is now attached to her separate neck which was attached to her curvy body. Then the legs were wired and attached. She then got some pretty stockings and some pretty bloomers.
Making the doll for me is somewhat of a chore, although I do enjoy it. But I really love making the clothes. So I am now interested to keep going.
I took a workshop with Barbara Willis the weekend before last. That was a great workshop, Barbara is so sweet and a wonderful teacher. The High on Dolls doll club sponsored her and they always put on a great workshop, it was a lot of fun. But, that leaves me with yet another half finished doll. I am motivated to keep working on these 4 half finished dolls that I have staring at me, not to mention the 2 online classes that just started. Everything will get done when it gets done.
                          Eating my elephant one bite at a time!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

She's back!

She arrived home yesterday. This is the doll I made for the Gypsy Challenge at the Houston Quilt Show this year.
The fabrics were sent to me by Treasure of the Gypsy's Pamela Armas and I made a more modern take on a Gypsy doll. She is a charm seller, she has her treasure chest of charms to sell.
It is a challenge for me to come up with a doll, this one was made from 4 different designers pattern pieces. I designed her arms and hands and her outfit.
It is always fun to participate and know that a lot of people from all over the world will see my doll.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What will she look like?

Colleen Babcock is offering her new pattern on a Yahoo Group. She is a mystery doll. 5 weeks ago, Colleen put up on the Yahoo Group the first part of her doll with a picture of that part which was the head. Each week since Colleen released the next part of the pattern with a picture of that part. I have completed part 1 - my head! Since I am so far behind I do know what the finished doll will look like and I must say she is fantastic.
So, I will post each part as I finish her and hopefully you can enjoy this doll coming together piece by piece.
If you are interested in making her yourself you can go to Colleen's web site - and purchase the pattern for $6 until November 3rd and get access to the Yahoo Group.
I've picked my fabrics out, she is going to have a winter theme and I can't wait to finish her.