Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Round Robin Doll

As I mentioned in my last post, my doll club had a Round Robin this year that we finished last week at the May meeting. Her arms were pinned on and her leg was half sewn on in the group photo of the dolls that I took at the meeting. Well, she is finished now and I just love this doll, she was dressed to perfection from head to toe. I wouldn't have thought to dress a doll this way but I'm so lucky to be in a club with so many creative and talented women. Paloma dressed her legs in darling sandals that have ribbons that criss-cross up her legs and have a cute little flower at the top. She also put lace panties on. Then Carolyn dressed her arms with cute little sleeves, a pretty beaded bracelet and a ring on her left hand and a thumb ring on the right hand. Now, the funny part is that Carolyn always wears a thumb ring. She also put a tatoo on her upper right arm of a cupcake (I love cupcakes!) that has Ed written on the "frosting" and a heart above the cupcake. It is so cute! But for some reason my camera just couldn't take a good picture of it so it is a bit blurry. Then Evelyn dressed my doll. She made a darling denim skirt with 2 pockets on the back that have embroidery on them then for the top she made these little yo-yos and sewed them on the front and back and put ric-rac trim on. Then she made the cutest headband with 2 colors of ric-rac.

Thanks everyone who worked on her, I just LOVE her and will cherish her always!

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