Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been a while

Well, it has been quite a while since I've written in my blog. I guess I was exhausted after AFIC, then I've spent quite a while since training the puppy, isn't she cute? She is doing very well at puppy kindergarten too!

Then, my sister came for a week's visit in July. It was her first time in Ohio. She is a knitter so we went to 3 different yarn stores. I found a pattern for felted slippers that look like flip-flops so she made them for me. When I get them I'll post a picture because they are cute. She is also a Master Gardner so she helped me a lot with getting the front of my house looking good, at least it is a beginning and I know which direction to go in next spring. It was great to see her and spend some time together, can't believe I didn't take any pictures.

Then I'd also been planning Ed and my vacation, which we took a couple of weeks ago. We went to California for 10 days. It was a blast. I've visited San Francisco many time and San Diego 3 times but I've never been to the LA area and have wanted to visit since I was little. I absolutely had the best time ever!! We flew in and out of San Jose because Ed had a seminar and I met him there then we went to LA so it was easier to fly home from San Jose. I really like that area also, not so much downtown which is very pretty but it didn't feel very safe to me.

So on our second weekend in San Jose our son Chris and grandson Jordan, drove over from Reno and our son brought his girlfriend Shawna (so we could meet her) and she brought her youngest daughter Mackenzie. So, with all that going on this summer, I haven't made any dolls or I should say I haven't finished any dolls. I was asked to make a doll for the Houston International Quilt Show which has a very large doll exhibit as well as quilts. I've been working on that doll for months, making and remaking bodies. I'm getting close to finishing her and I'm excited to see how she will turn out - picture to come. And... I've taken 2 online classes which happened to occur on the same weeks (of course) and one of them, Street Fair by Cindee Moyer is half done. OK maybe not quite half way. And I took Cindee's class The Gatherer which I haven't even started. Then my doll club, Time For Dolls, is hosting Ute Vasina in September so I have to get ready for that. Not only the doll, but Pam and I are organizing it. Then in October I am taking a class with Coleen Babcock, Stitch in Time. And, I have to make a Christmas doll for October's meeting of our doll club. That was our challenge doll and I've had 10 months to do it, oh well.

I'm starting to whine about how much I have to do but I'm not really whining afterall, I'm making dolls!!