Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Girl

These are pictures of my Pumpkin Girl doll. She was designed by Leslie Molen and I just thought she was adorable. Her elbows and knees are jointed but I have her sitting on a table with her legs straight out. Her little bloomers are so cute I leaned her against the wall to get a good picture, it wasn't easy since she isn't armatured and her body is weighted but I got her up there. Then there is the picture of her head, it is adorable. That was the first thing I made and it was so cute I sat it on my sewing machine while I finished the rest of her. She was a really fun doll to make.

This is a picture of my Halloween dolls out on display. I can't believe I only have 4, I'll have to work on that.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Time For Dolls 10-17-10

Yesterday was our monthly doll club meeting. We concluded our Round Robin and sewed our dolls together. This is my finished doll. We made the doll from Patti Culea's "Creative Cloth Doll Making" book. We attached the head and painted the face and put on hair because we were getting back our own head and body. Then all parts were put into bags and one month we chose 2 legs and embellished them, brought them back the next month and chose 2 arms.
We embellished the arms, brought them back and chose a body. We embellished the body and brought that back yesterday. Then we chose from the bag 2 embellished arms and 2 embellished legs and then assembled our dolls. It was so great that everyone made their parts from different fabrics and then embellished them differently but everyone's went together so beautifully and it all worked!

Evelyn dressed my doll, Pam made the light colored leg and Deborah embellished it with ribbon, flowers trim, shoes and pearls around the shoes, I don't know who made the pink leg, it is actually flue flowered fabric but Barb embellished it with a pink netting material, ribbon and flowers, and silver shoes.

Pam made the arm with the black and white fabric at the bottom of the arm and I actually embellished it with rhinestones and beads. I can't remember who made the blue arm but Pam embellished it with beautiful bridal lace. It was so much fun, I'll cherish this doll.