Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Christmas Elf

My other doll club, the Doll Gatherers in Aurora, OH made little elfs from Allison Marano's pattern - Ghillie Guerkin. Allison designed this little guy as a "Brownie" but it was decided that we would make him as an elf. Someone else in the club made him as a Christmas elf and I really liked that idea because they are going to be hung on a Christmas tree at Howard Hannah in Aurora.

Howard Hannah has a communty meeting room and that is where the club meets. And, Howard Hannah has a luncheon every year where the community attends and there are silent auctions to raise money for the Akron Children's Hospital. So, our little elfs will be auctioned off. He really came out very cute, I hate to see him leave but it is for a good cause and I'm making myself another one. I plan to make an everyday "Brownie" but I may also make another one for Christmas. He was a lot of fun to make although he definitely has a mind of his own, he reminds me of the little house elf (that's not what they're called, can't think of the correct name) in Harry Potter. A bit obstinate.