Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pam and my excellent day out

Yesterday Pam and I went to Cortland, OH and we went to a fabulous shop, Quilter's Fancy. This is absolutely the best shop around for trims, charms, and buttons.

I got some great printed fabric, some cotton and metallic fabric, some beautiful fabric from London(the blue and beige pic) to make Gather ye Rosebuds and lots and lots of trims. This pic is the flower and leaf trims. I also got tiny ric-rac, velvet ric-rac, and others. I got some silk ribbons, charms and other things. It was such a fun day, beside the fact that I love shopping, it was a nice drive out there and after shopping we had lunch. We forgot to pick strawberries that we had seen a sign for, oh well. Quilter's Fancy is about 45 minutes east of my home and then Pam lives about 30-40 minutes south of my home, so she had quite a drive. Hopefully in the next year you will see some dolls made with these fabrics, there's always hope and good intentions.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Dolls

I can't believe it's been a month since I've written anything. Either I've been busy or haven't much to say. I have made a few dolls and I'll add their pictures here.

Today I received my dotee dolls from the swap I participated in on Doll Street. They are adorable and I will cherish them.

The duck "quacks" me up, ha ha - couldn't resist.
The duck was made by Shirley Nieminen from OR. and the center doll was made by Kat Tyni from MI. Unfortunately the pink one didn't have a name tag but pink is my favorite color!

I've made a couple of dolls this past month, I think I will enter them in the Ohio State Fair which is the end of July. One is a rag doll from a Patti Culea pattern. The doll was simple but her clothes were a little involved. I enjoyed making her so much. I named her Dolly because after I applied her hair it was so big and curly she reminded me of Dolly Parton - so I had to give her a headband. After all she is a little girl. The second doll is Ruby Valentino from a pattern by Cindee Moyer. I just love her designs.
I am working on another doll for our Christmas in July doll swap at NO RULES. She is coming along nicely and I want to make another for myself. I can't show the picture until after we have exchanged the dolls. That will be a lot of fun.
Boy, I also have to make my Santa for the fabric swap from the Santa Studio on Cloth Doll Artistry. As if belonging to 2 doll clubs, one of which is putting on a Gala next May and I'm on a committee, and 3 online doll clubs wasn't enough, this week I joined another online group to make comfort dolls. It is such a worthy cause and the dolls are so small, but what am I thinking??
Well that's all for today. I really have to keep up with my posts.