Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ling Li

 On August 8th Pam and I traveled to Dever, CO to take a 3 day class with Leslie Molen. We took her Ling Li class, she is the sister to Chun Woo. I took the Chun Woo class in April. We also took the class for her carrying case. The case isn't quite finished yet so pictures will follow.

It was a great trip. Ed and I moved fromthe Boulder/Denver area almost 9 years ago (so hard to believe it has been that long!). It was amazing to see the changes in Denver and in Boulder.

We met Leslie's "Denver students". What a great bunch of ladies, they were so welcoming and kind. Then the 2 days after class, Leslie was so kind to take us around to her favorite fabric stores and some new ones also. Those days were great because I was able to get some beautiful fabrics that are very hard to find around here in Ohio. I got some lovely sheers and silks as well as some great trims and ribbons.

It took me a while to get over the jet lag so I haven't worked on the box yet, hopefully next week

Now I am working on my Treasure of the Gypsy challenge doll for the Houson Quilt Show.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Doll Club - August

I see that I haven't written anything in a month. But, I have a good reason for that. I'm going to save my excuse for my next post.

We had a great time at doll club yesterday.  We started off with our round robin dolls and everyone explained what they did to the dolls. They are coming out great, our members are so creative. I will post pictures of the finished dolls but I don't think that will be until January.

Then we had our show and tell. I brought in my marionette and my Chun Woo doll as did Pam. Paloma brought in some cute bead dolls that she made and Mickey brought in this great 3 piece art quilt of a doll figure that was a round robin at one of her other doll clubs. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of either of those. But Sue made an adorable doll and I did take a picture of that. Isn't she darling?

Then Carolyn headed up an activity that was so much fun. She made 10 dolls in different shapes. Everyone chose a doll by grabbing it from a bag. Then you had 7 minutes to decorate the doll, anyway you wanted. After the 7 minutes was up everyone passed the doll to the left and then you had 7 minutes to decorate the doll you received. This went on until you got your original doll back. It was so much fun! Here is a picture of my doll, then a group picture of everyone's dolls.

Carolyn did a lot of work on making and stuffing all these dolls. Thanks Carolyn, great job!!!!

Vera came by to say good-bye. She has decided to leave the club and dedicate her free time to quilting. We will miss her sense of humor.