Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time For Dolls - March 15, 2009

Last Sunday the 15th was our 3rd doll club meeting. We had a smaller group with people on vacation and previous engagements but we had a great meeting and a fun time. Dot Lewallen came to visit and brought some of her beautiful beaded dolls to show. Dot has been published in Soft Dolls and Animals and most recently in Doll Crafter and Costuming. Check out her work on her web site Thanks Dot we really enjoyed seeing your work.
A couple of the ladies finished and wore their club pin dolls, here a
re a couple of pictures

You can see a picture of my pin doll in an earlier blog. They are coming out so cute. I will post pictures of all the pin dolls as they are finished.
We had a great meeting. Everyone worked on their dolls and hopefully they will be done soon. A list was passed around with ideas for a challenge and everyone will vote on what theme they want for our first challenge - can't wait it sounds like fun. Here is a picture of the ladies working on their dolls.

Next meeting Pam is going to give a face sculpting demo and I will give a face painting demo (with color pencils and markers, not paints!)

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