Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NO RULES March 8, 2009

Well it was the March meeting of NO RULES. We didn't have a specific project this week we just worked on whatever we wanted. Pam was working on her Cyndy Seiving doll for the Guilded Lilies as was Theresa. Carolyn did some beading on a doll from one of her art groups. I didn't work on anything but I looked at a lot of books! Most of them were about altered journal pages which is an ongoing project for NO RULES. I have Pam's pages done but after looking at the books today I don't know if they are really done. Of course they are nothing like what you see in the books, not so "artsy". I'm more of a whimsical person but this is the first time doing this so I guess the more I do them the more "artsy" I can become. So I will make that a goal - to go from kindergarten art to mature art. Well, I'll try afterall "I don't want to grow up!"

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