Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time For Dolls Club Meeting - February 19, 2009

Last Sunday was our second Time For Dolls Club meeting. I thought it was really good! There weren't as many people there as the first meeting but I know Pam went to Mexico for metal classes - we'll have to see what fabulous things she makes. A couple of people went to a doll show, someone was sick and someone couldn't make it for personal reasons. There was a new woman who came and seems very interested in joining so for those of us who were there it was a fun day.

I can't believe I brought my camera and then forgot to take pictures. What is up with that?? Anyway... we showed our pin dolls that we had made the first meeting. They all turned out fabulous. We had show and tell. I brought 2 dolls one of which was Patti Culea's doll from her first book. Carolyn also brought her doll she made from that book so it was interesting to see how different the same doll can look. Li brought her dolls which are fabulous, they are so artsy and different. I love them and can't wait to make some.

Yesterday I started making Judi Wards "Napkin Doll". It is a freebie from her site. She is coming out adorable if I say so myself. I'll post a picture when she is done. Once again it is snowing like crazy outside today. This is probably a good day to re-take photos of my dolls so I can put them in an album to share. We'll see how it goes, it is almost noon and I'm still here in my PJ's playing! Well here is a picture of my Patti doll - I've named her Cici (short for cupcake - long story) but she is cute as a cupcake

and a picture of my pin doll.

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