Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weekend with Colleen Babcock

Well, I haven't written much of anything for a long time. Colleen was coming to our club Time For Dolls to teach a weekend class, Finders Keepers and she was going to stay with me at my home. To put it nicely my house looked like a tornado had just run through it - YIKES - what a mess. So... I set off to paint, move furniture, buy new furniture, assemble said furniture, clean carpets (not me the guy with the truck) and have new carpet installed. Mind you I had 6 years to get this done but as usual time just got away from me. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) I like my house now, anything would have been better, but I do like it. There still are some rooms to finish but that is for another time, hopefully time that doesn't get too far away from me.
So, to the point of this post. Colleen came to teach Finders Keepers, the most darling little doll. The class was so interesting and we all learned new techniques, we learned about body sizes and how to adjust for a taller body, it was great. Everyone except me decided to make the doll the original size. I wanted her a little taller. It was so strange - after the workshop when I had my doll to the point where she was wire armatured, batted and head on she didn't look like a little girl to me anymore, she looked older. Just by adding that inch or so to her height made such a difference. I had picked out the cutest fabrics for a little girl doll, mostly pink, the dress would have cherries, pink polka-dot socks, very cute. Oh well, I guess I just have to make another doll, but smaller. I'll publish a picture of the doll I am making and the new fabrics that I chose when she is finished.

The workshop was really intense the first day, there was a lot to do so unfortunately I didn't do a very good job of getting pictures taken. I do have pics of some of the ladies and I'm sorry I didn't get every one. And I didn't get a group shot of everyone together with Colleen.

This is Deborah, with the green top, with her doll head. Then there is Pam

whose head got chopped off, with her doll head. And then there is Teresa with the purple top. And here is Paloma with the red top.

Here are a couple of pictures of Colleen demo'ing how to sculpt feet and boobs. And a picture
of Colleen with Pam and Sheila ready to help.

And Colleen demo'ing hands

Colleen was so generous to donate a doll to our club for a silent auction with the proceeds going to the club to help defray costs for our next workshop. Colleen made this doll, impeccably I might add, it is an Angela Jarecki design. It was beautiful and Sheila was the lucky winner. Sheila was so excited to have the doll, I'm very happy for her.

And on a personal note, Colleen was my house guest who quickly turned into a dear friend and family member. She quickly became comfortable enough to make herself completely at home and that made me feel great. Colleen has a special diet she must follow so we shopped at a health food store and found lots of things for her to eat and she was great to just jump in and cook what she wanted, when she wanted. And, she loved my dog Lucy (I don't know who wouldn't!)

Boy, Lucy really missed Colleen after she left, when I returned from the airport after dropping Colleen off Lucy was looking all over for her Colleen.

Here is something I never do, I took a picture with Colleen, which is fine, but I am publishing it - aaacccckkk! Anyway, Colleen of course is the cute, young, skinny one on the left and well, I'm not!!

Colleen, you were a fabulous teacher, I know everyone enjoyed you and the class so much, thank you, THANK YOU!!! And on a personal note thank you for being such a great guest, my husband LOVED that you loved hockey and he finally had someone to talk to about it.

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