Monday, July 26, 2010

Finders Keepers Finished

I finally finished my Finders Keepers doll from the workshop that Colleen Babcock taught at my doll club, Time For Dolls. Overall, I'm happy with her. In the workshop you were given a chance to make the doll one size or we were taught how to make her taller and keep everything in proportion. That was very interesting. For some reason I chose to make her taller. I bought all these cute fabrics for a little girl, but when I brought the doll home, she had a wire armature and was wrapped in batting and had her head on; but even looking like that I knew she was an adult doll. So, I had to find some different fabrics for her. I like her and I think her face came out darling she's just not the cute little girl I had planned on. Someday... I might make another one. She is a challenging doll to make but I also learned a great deal. Right now she is sitting in a doll chair on my desk next to my computer because she doesn't stand very well, I think it is the added height of the doll. Thinking about her I really would like to make another one now that I understand how she was made and what I would have to do to the doll initially during the wiring and batting process to make the doll look like I want her to when she is fully dressed.

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