Monday, July 12, 2010

No Rules-Christmas in July

Yesterday was our annual No Rules group's Christmas in July party. We are all doll makers and even though this is a mixed media group we picked out a name without revealing that name a few months ago and made a doll for that person. The dolls are such a treasure to have, since it's a small group and we are very close it is so nice to have a doll made especially for me from my No Rules ladies. Last year my doll was from Teresa, this year it is from Carolyn.
She is beautiful. In May Caolyn took a class from Christine Shively at Gala 2010 and they made this doll but with an Indian sari. Christine also taught the class this outfit as well. She is so beautiful I will treasure her always.

This doll is a doll that Teresa made for Pam. It is the same doll that she made for me last year but personalized it for Pam by using Mary Engelbreight fabrics, which Pam loves. My doll last year was pink and turquoise and holding a cupcake (which I love!). This doll is so darling.

This is the doll that Pam made for Carolyn - it is gorgeous!! It is Cindee Moyer's pattern Fairy Catcher. Pam made the bird cage and put in a little bird because Carolyn loves birds and bird nests. This doll is beautiful with the copper colored dupioni and the leg fabric matches perfectly.

And last is the doll that I made for Teresa. I only had a week to make her and I jus
t wasn't happy with how I made this doll at all. If I had more time I would have chosen a totally different pattern. I first chose the fabrics, her skirt is purple with cats on it. Two things that Teresa loves. I also put little hearts on the color of her blouse because Teresa loves hearts too, she puts a heart on every doll she makes. I'm so disappointed in the doll and myself but Teresa was gracious and said that she liked her.

And this is a picture of all 4 of the dolls together.

After opening our dolls we had a lovely lunch. Pam's husband Jim BBQ'd a whole chicken and Pam made blueberry and lemon Zinger ice tea, both excellent. Tersa made a lovely salad and Ed made his famous potato salad for me (it was requested). Then Carolyn brought pound cake, fresh strawberries and whipped cream - yum, yum, yum. We then made plans for new project for the rest of the year and the beginning of next year. All in all it was a pretty great day.

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