Monday, May 3, 2010

Lady Pod and Sweetpea

Linda Misa, a very talented doll artist from Australia, is in the process of moving this week actually. Anyway, she decided to sell some of her dolls at extremely reasonable prices so I decided I had to have one. I bought Lady Pod and Sweetpea. I have had the pattern for a couple of years but other dollmaking got in the way and so I never did make her, but when I saw that Linda was selling hers I was so excited. She has arrived, in great shape I might add considering her long trip.

When I finish redecorating my house I will have to find the perfect spot to display her. Right now she sits on my sewing table so I can see her every time I sew. Of course right now that is not as often as I want it to be since I'm painting walls and moving furniture and changing rooms and TRYING to get workers to show up and repair a few things! Anyway here are some pictures of my beautiful new doll that I bought.

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  1. Lucky you! She's beautiful. And have you signed up for her online group/course?