Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Ohio State Fair

Well, last Sunday August 2, 2009 Pam, Carolyn and I drove down to Columbus to the Ohio State Fair. We sat at the Guilded Lilies' table and helped make some pins that people who stopped by could color and take to wear. It was a lot of fun talking to people and watching them color the faces on the pins and it was nice seeing some of the "Lilies" that I know.
After a while we went to lunch then we walked around to see the exhibits. Pam won 2 ribbons!! It was a great day for her. Her metal jewelry that she made in Mexico last February won best in show in its catagory - it was fabulous!!

Pam's second ribbon, also first place was for her Lucinda. I almost entered mine, but I knew she was entering hers so I entered my Dorinda instead. Pam's Lucinda is beautiful and I'm so happy for her that she won first place.

Then we went to another room where they had the holiday dolls displayed and Pam's "Field of Dreams" dressed in her finest Valentine attire and my Ruby Valentino were standing side by side. My Ruby is slumped over and looks very depressed. Maybe she's sad that she didn't win! But I told her before she left that she and the other girls were only there for everyone to look at and not to worry that they won't win.

Then we walked around the fair, it was a very nice day, the sun was out but it wasn't hot. It hasn't been hot at all this summer I guess it's ok, I like a few warm days to let me know that it is summer since the winter is soooooo long here in Ohio, but maybe we'll get a few hot days before the snow flies again. Anyway, on our walk I got a couple of really cool scrunchies to use for a doll hat or something, we'll see where they end up. Carolyn bought a couple also. Pam got some nice holiday flags for her house. Then we saw this ginormous pig that had 10 piglets the week before. The babies were so cute! And we went to the fine art building where we saw some really wonderful art and some really strange art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

All in all it was a lovely day at the fair!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see Morris finished! Great job.