Monday, July 13, 2009

Christmas in July 2009-NO RULES

Yeah!!! Today (Sunday) was our Christmas in July doll exchange at NO RULES. It was so much fun. Everyone was so excited it was like 4 little girls on Christmas morning! So cool, so much fun.

We started our meeting with presents (love that!) Carolyn gave us little storage boxes - mine was pink - and little lint rollers. The lint rollers come in so handy while you are making dolls, I have a great big one but this one is small and just the perfect size. Then, Teresa gave us all pincushions that she made that look like cupcakes!! Aren't they adorable?!! And well, that really kicked off a theme for the day.

I brought a package of cupcakes (from Heinens of course - the best) and Teresa brought a package of cupcakes from Heinens, and Pam made homemade cupcakes - lime - yummy!! After all, cupcakes are a girls best friend.

So after the gifts we had our doll exchange. We had picked names out of a bag at the beginning of the year so all this time no one new who was making each others dolls. The suspense was killing us. Teresa went first and she gave the doll she made to ME!!! I was so excited - don't you just love getting presents??? Oh, my doll is so beautiful, I still have to think up a name for her. Well, judge for yourself, isn't she beautiful? And... she is holding a cupcake. I LOVE it!!!

Then Carolyn went next and she gave the doll she made to Pam. This doll is also beautiful (Chelsea by Barbara Willis) and here is a picture of her.

Then Pam went next and she gave the doll she made to Teresa. This doll is amazing! The body is a large heart and it is decoupaged with all things that Teresa loves and interesting things that Pam put on it. FYI - it's all about hearts for Teresa. Here is a picture of her doll. I don't know the name of the doll but it is designed by Di McDonald.

Then finally I got to give the doll I made to Carolyn. I had so much fun making the doll. Carolyn is so much fun and so funny I just had to make something whimsical for her, so here is a picture of the doll I made for Carolyn. Her name is Olive at the Beach and she is a design by Jill Maas. I made a little beach mat and a good book for her to read and put them in her beach bag. Then when I was at Pat Catan's I found some little erasers that fit perfectly into the bag. There was a sandwich, a grape drink, a cupcake (it really was a freaky cupcake day), a beach ball and a gun. Grandma needs to pack heat when she is alone.

Then we all had pictures taken with our new dolls. Me, Carolyn, Pam and Teresa.

Then our dolls got to be friends and they wanted their pictures taken together.

Originally we were going to meet last Sunday, the day after the "Fourth of July" and we were going to have a BBQ. We had to change the date of our meeting, but decided to still have the BBQ. Oh my - that was so delicious!! Pam made BBQ chicken, a delicious recipe from this month's Cooking Light, very yummy. Carolyn made a salad of tomato, cucumbers and mozzarella cheese, again very yummy. Teresa made a fruit salad with a yogurt dressing, yes , again very yummy. And, I brought (Ed made) potatoe salad. Ed makes the best potatoe salad, very yummy. Needless to say we had a great lunch. And of course, cupcakes for dessert.
After lunch we had a show and tell. I brought my fabrics for the Morris class that I am taking on Joggles. Carolyn brought some Barbies and books on what altered Barbies look like, which is going to be a project for the beginning of next year. Then we discussed what projects we wanted to work on for the rest of this year.
Between all those projects, the Time for Dolls doll club, which is getting ready for Barbara Schoenoff to come in October, and everything else I need or want to do there just aren't enough hours in the day. Then in the fall it will get really crazy when my other doll club Doll Gatherers really gears up for the Gala 2010. Well I'm tired and Food Challenge on the Food Network (love that show) is almost on so that's all for now.

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  1. All of your doll creations from NO rules...are a delight to my senses...I think yours should be called Miss