Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New doll for a friend

I was going along pretty well finishing up my WIPS, but then my grandson came to visit, a few days later we went on vacation and a few days after returning home my husband had surgery for a detached retina. After surgery he was in bed for 2 weeks, face down and I had all the house duties plus waiting on him and giving his medications and taking care of our crazy dogs. I was a bit stressed. But, he is getting better thank goodness because his eye was in really bad shape. He was very close to going blind in that eye.

So things are getting back to normal, whatever that is, and I made a doll for a friend of mine. She loves to see pictures of my dolls and is always talking about them to me and anyone else who will listen - so funny. I made her a doll years ago when I first started and we both thought it was great, but I've been thinking lately she needs something more sophisticated.

This is my interpretation of Cindee Moyer's "Violet Shadows".  Violet Shadows is a tree looking up into the moonlight.
I didn't paint the fabric like Cindee did. I found some batik that looked like tree branches and used that. My friend also likes dark colors so I used this gray. I think she came out great. I have some other batik fabric that I am going to use when I make my doll. It is yellows and oranges and touches of purple. It will be more like a sunset than moonlight.