Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Waiting Up doll class

I started a new doll class - wish I would finish up the projects that I have to do first. My doll for the Houston International Quilt show is laying in pieces on my sewing table. I have her all made in my head which really doesn't help. I need to work on her but I wanted to start this class.

If you haven't seen this class, it is a doll by Cindee Moyer named "Waiting Up" where the doll falls asleep waiting up for their child to come home from their night out. I think most of us can relate.

First you make the chair that the doll is sitting in. I decided to start that because I needed to do something different for a while. Here are a couple of pictures of the chair so far. The front side of the pieces had the fabric glued on and the back side where sewn on by hand. My little arthritic fingers are so sore! Now I have the pieces pinned together and they get sewn on by hand also, so I wanted to give my fingers a break and I took a couple of pictures. They're not the best pictures because it is 11 in the morning and totally dark outside. We are having thunderstorms and it is pouring rain and hot and humid. But the room was really dark so I have overhead lights on and the table lamp is on, that is why there is a bright spot. Anyway, I thought this fabric was so pretty, I got it at JoAnn's it is upholstery fabric, thank goodness they were having a 60% off sale. I bought a yard of it so I could fussy cut it. Here is a view of the front, then the back. I'll take another picture when I sew these together and put the seat and trim on.

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