Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Hope You Dance - finished!

This is my latest doll that I have finished. The poor thing has been sitting around for a year and a half. She was about 80% done, but then got pushed to the side for other projects.
She was an online class and is designed by Cindee Moyer and called I Hope You Dance. I'm really happy with the way she turned out. It's funny, I had to take her head off after it was all done and replace it. The original head was horrible, not the face - I liked that, it was the overlay of fabric that was a mess. I have since made a few more of Cindee's dolls and I'm getting much better at the overlay and meeting the seam up under her chin. I'm glad I made her a new head, the old one really bothered me.
She is really cute. Now I am down to 2 dolls that are started and waiting to be finished. I may make a new doll first, just to do something different.      
 Haven't decided yet, we'll see!!!

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