Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mystery Doll Finished

 I finished my Mystery Doll!! She is a doll created by Colleen Babcock last fall. Colleen was so generous to design this doll and sell it for $3 originally and the doll was revealed in chapters each week on a Yahoo Group.  It wasn't intended to be an online class, but poor Colleen, it kind of ended up that way. It was intended to be revealed little by little then a picture of the finished doll was the last chapter revealed, ergo the "Mystery".
I tried to keep up but it was in the fall when I had classes to go to, so they took priority, still have one of those dolls to finish too - sigh!
Anyway, the doll was originally designed to be like an Advent Calendar but I chose to make my doll with a Winter theme so it wasn't so specific.  I have pictures of her in earlier posts in progress. Then life got in the way and when I got back to her last week I decided to just finish her up. I put a little Cardinal on her finger, to match her skirt fabric. I loved using the netting for her bun. That was a very effective look. And the hat was so cute to make, fairly easy, but a lot of hand sewing.
I really love this doll. I love dolls with a lot of detail, and boy, does this doll have detail!  Thanks Colleen!!! (I know I'm really late, sorry.)

Side note... this is my first post with my new iMac. Yeah!! I needed a new computer desperately so I decided to try a Mac. I think it fits me more with what I do nowadays. I got a 27" monitor so I could read everything. Sadly, I still need glasses to read the screen, oh boy, got to get myself to the eye doctor. Anyway, I hope this post turns out ok and looks ok. I need more classes at the Apple store, especially for the pictures!


  1. She's fabulous:) I really like the fabrics you used. The cardinal is such a neat idea too. I loved making this doll. You can do so many styles with her as she has such a nice figure.

  2. es preciosa ,muy bonita y elegante