Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WIP finished!!

Dress Rehersal with Mask
 My former doll club, Time For Dolls, brought in a teacher every year and last year in October we had Christine Shively who taught Dress Rehearsal. She was a fun doll to make, but oh so detailed! You could make one of two sizes, I chose to make the bigger doll, just because I like bigger dolls and I thought this doll would be a lot easier to work with if it was bigger.
I had the embroidered and beaded piece of fabric, that is in the front, for a long time so I decided this was the doll to use that fabric on. That set the color scheme of black and white with gold accents. The white on the pants and shoes is a moire silk that I purchased in Denver last August and the black on the pants and shoes is a black dupioni that I purchased in Denver at Denver Fabrics (a great store!) By the way, the Denver Fabrics that you see online is not the Denver Fabrics retail store.  
Dress Rehersal
    They told me they sold the naming rights years ago, because they didn't want to sell  online anymore. I digress! The sheer polka dot fabric I used for her sleeves is fabric I bought from Treasures of the Gypsy at AFIC 2 years ago. The hat and shoulder pieces are cottons that I had. And, I did all the gold picot beading by hand.
Christine stayed at my home while she was here teaching and she was so delightful! After the last day of class she spent time in her room making the mask for me as a gift for having her, which was absolutely my pleasure to do. She surprised me with it the next morning, I can't tell you how happy I was, first because it was so thoughtful and second because I really didn't want to make it on my own (shhhh!)
I'm happy with her from the neck down. Painting a flat face is so difficult for me, it's not horrendous but it's not good. But, that's her face!! The Tibetan lamb that I used was
Front piece and shoulder detail
awful, the hairs were short and went in all different directions. She is definitely having a bad hair day.
I'm glad to have finished a doll that was 80% done but sitting around for 8 months. I have a few more like that, so on to the next one.




  1. Very cute...I like the black and white and gold colour scheme....very effective for the style of doll.

  2. I totally love the beads and ribbon corset detail on the back of her jacket. What did you use for he little flower detail on the top of her shoes?