Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Legs Done

Well, I made some new legs for my Sherry Goshen Personal Challenge Doll (that's a mouthful!). I really like these, probably because of the pink, but what started them off was this piece of dupioni silk that I had. The weave of the silk one direction is a royal blue and the other direction is a fushia pink, so depending on how you look at the silk it is blue, or pink or purple. I just love it. The silk is also going to be a skirt as well as the boots, if I ever get that far. I sewed the little boobies on to the body and I sewed the legs onto the body also then I gessoed the body. That has to dry for 24 hours, then I get to paperclay and enhance the boobies and butt, let that dry and then decoupage some tissue papers I got that are really pretty onto her body and that will be her top. The same gessoeing and decoupaging gets done to her arms also. I think she will be a pretty doll, but we'll see how the head goes - that is another story all together!!

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