Saturday, February 6, 2010

I keep forgetting to write about my hearts. This is a swap on Sherry's group. Sherry designed an adorable doll called "Key to My Heart" and her skirt is made from hearts. Well, the swap is to make 1 to 3 hearts from the pattern and we will have a swap. Actually the deadline is next week so I need to put the felt backings on! These were a lot of fun to make. The orange one was the first one I did. When I found this fabric in my stash I was so excited because I knew I could do
some bead embroidery following the leaf shapes. Then I had some leaf beads so I did a few fringes to the side. This was so much fun especially since beads have become my new passion, not so much for jewelry but I love bead embroidery. I want to learn how to make jewelry and the different stitches and hopefully that will give me more confidence with the bead embroidery that I love.

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