Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pam and my excellent day out

Yesterday Pam and I went to Cortland, OH and we went to a fabulous shop, Quilter's Fancy. This is absolutely the best shop around for trims, charms, and buttons.

I got some great printed fabric, some cotton and metallic fabric, some beautiful fabric from London(the blue and beige pic) to make Gather ye Rosebuds and lots and lots of trims. This pic is the flower and leaf trims. I also got tiny ric-rac, velvet ric-rac, and others. I got some silk ribbons, charms and other things. It was such a fun day, beside the fact that I love shopping, it was a nice drive out there and after shopping we had lunch. We forgot to pick strawberries that we had seen a sign for, oh well. Quilter's Fancy is about 45 minutes east of my home and then Pam lives about 30-40 minutes south of my home, so she had quite a drive. Hopefully in the next year you will see some dolls made with these fabrics, there's always hope and good intentions.

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