Friday, June 5, 2009

New Dolls

I can't believe it's been a month since I've written anything. Either I've been busy or haven't much to say. I have made a few dolls and I'll add their pictures here.

Today I received my dotee dolls from the swap I participated in on Doll Street. They are adorable and I will cherish them.

The duck "quacks" me up, ha ha - couldn't resist.
The duck was made by Shirley Nieminen from OR. and the center doll was made by Kat Tyni from MI. Unfortunately the pink one didn't have a name tag but pink is my favorite color!

I've made a couple of dolls this past month, I think I will enter them in the Ohio State Fair which is the end of July. One is a rag doll from a Patti Culea pattern. The doll was simple but her clothes were a little involved. I enjoyed making her so much. I named her Dolly because after I applied her hair it was so big and curly she reminded me of Dolly Parton - so I had to give her a headband. After all she is a little girl. The second doll is Ruby Valentino from a pattern by Cindee Moyer. I just love her designs.
I am working on another doll for our Christmas in July doll swap at NO RULES. She is coming along nicely and I want to make another for myself. I can't show the picture until after we have exchanged the dolls. That will be a lot of fun.
Boy, I also have to make my Santa for the fabric swap from the Santa Studio on Cloth Doll Artistry. As if belonging to 2 doll clubs, one of which is putting on a Gala next May and I'm on a committee, and 3 online doll clubs wasn't enough, this week I joined another online group to make comfort dolls. It is such a worthy cause and the dolls are so small, but what am I thinking??
Well that's all for today. I really have to keep up with my posts.


  1. Mary, I just love Ruby. She is wonderful.


  2. the cute little duck quacks me up too.... lol...

  3. Oh, Mary, your new dolls rock!