Thursday, November 1, 2012

What will she look like?

Colleen Babcock is offering her new pattern on a Yahoo Group. She is a mystery doll. 5 weeks ago, Colleen put up on the Yahoo Group the first part of her doll with a picture of that part which was the head. Each week since Colleen released the next part of the pattern with a picture of that part. I have completed part 1 - my head! Since I am so far behind I do know what the finished doll will look like and I must say she is fantastic.
So, I will post each part as I finish her and hopefully you can enjoy this doll coming together piece by piece.
If you are interested in making her yourself you can go to Colleen's web site - and purchase the pattern for $6 until November 3rd and get access to the Yahoo Group.
I've picked my fabrics out, she is going to have a winter theme and I can't wait to finish her.

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  1. Not long left now! Thanks for posting about the pattern Mary!