Monday, November 12, 2012

Mystery Doll Part 2

I finished Part 2 of my mystery doll by Colleen Babcock. I previously showed her head, which is now attached to her separate neck which was attached to her curvy body. Then the legs were wired and attached. She then got some pretty stockings and some pretty bloomers.
Making the doll for me is somewhat of a chore, although I do enjoy it. But I really love making the clothes. So I am now interested to keep going.
I took a workshop with Barbara Willis the weekend before last. That was a great workshop, Barbara is so sweet and a wonderful teacher. The High on Dolls doll club sponsored her and they always put on a great workshop, it was a lot of fun. But, that leaves me with yet another half finished doll. I am motivated to keep working on these 4 half finished dolls that I have staring at me, not to mention the 2 online classes that just started. Everything will get done when it gets done.
                          Eating my elephant one bite at a time!

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  1. You are doing a marvelous job on her. My favourite part with this doll was the costume and the hat:)