Saturday, September 24, 2011

Workshop Pictures

 Here are the rest of my pictures from the Little Folk Workshop from last weekend. Unfortunately it took me a while to finish this post, it was a busy week. The first picture is someones head, didn't write down who's (sorry!)

This is Sue's head and shoes.

 This is Barb's head and shoes.

This is Karyn's head and shoes.


 This is Vera's head and shoe fabric, I think she wants to make a different style shoe.
This is Sheila's head and shoes.
 This is Evelyn's head and shoes, body and 1 boob.
These are Dots 2, yes 2 dolls that she finished!!
These are my shoes.

This is a head and shoes, sorry don't know who's they are. But very cute!
This is Deborah's head and shoes.
And this is Carolyn's head and shoes. She is thinking of using green hair, so cute.
I can not wait to see all of these trolls finished. It is so amazing that they all come from the same pattern yet every one of them is so different due to the way they are sculpted and how the face is colored. Hopefully I'll have pictures of finished dolls in the not toooo distant future!


  1. Mary, you KNOW I had such a great time. It was so much fun to spend the weekend with all of you. I think I should say that I was able to make two dolls because I had taken this class with Ute back in 2009 at AFIC. Taking it again made so much more sense (plus I wasn't so brain dead as Pam was a great hostess & I got so much rest & relaxation). Craft Akron also is a wonderful place to take a class with great lightning and a wonder shop owner making sure we were all taken care of. Humm...wonder if I can get more Little Folks done for the Oct. meeting. (ducking as I know you are throwing something at me)

  2. Oh wow! This looks like such fun! And I LOVE the shoes! Wish there was a Dolls Club around here in Arkansas. I've seen pictures of Ute's figures around the web and I think they're adorable. You clearly have a group of very talented dollmakers to make all those wonderful little people.