Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation

Don't worry - I'm not going to bore you with the details!! IF anyone is interested though, after I finish going through all my pictures I will post them to Photobucket or Flickr or somewhere and put a link on my blog.

What I am going to post pictures of today is the fabrics that I bought in LA's Fashion District. I read on Patti Culea's blog a little while back that she took her sister and niece there and mentioned the streets (thank goodness) so one morning after breakfast we put in Maple St and 9th into the GPS and off we went! This is the exit we took in downtown LA - don't you just love the traffic! I don't know why people gripe about it, I had a blast. We found a parking garage and took the elevator down to the street and this is what I saw. Bolts of fabric a half a street block long! For $1.99 a yard!! OK, this is the one and only picture I took in the Fashion District. I was so fascinated with all that fabric, store after store, after store that I just forgot I had a camera in my pocket. I really restrained myself because if I didn't, I would have spent a fortune on fabric that I probably wouldn't live long enough to use. Although I do have some regrets about a few fabrics not brought home with me. I guess I just have to go back!!

Well, the first picture is all my dupioni silks. It was funny, in all the shops there is a 1 yard minimum and I really wanted 1/2 yard cuts so my husband said that I make dolls and only need 1/2 yard I saw the owner hesitate so I jumped in and said that I would buy 8 different colors and he said ok. I ended up getting 16 colors - so pretty. Then I found some gingham checks in taffetta. Then I found these feather caps that are used to make fascinator hats with. I thought I could use them for something.

So, if you ever go to LA or NY or any large city go to the fashion district, bring cash but be very careful with it and have a great time. Don't leave behind any fabric that you will think about for months.

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