Friday, April 3, 2009

I can't breathe!

Well, in my last posting I had some nice pictures of the Doll Gatherers' beautiful display at the Sewing Expo in Cleveland at the I-X Center. Well, the people who had the booth behind the dolls accidentally knocked into the tables and shelves of dolls as they were taking their booth down and a lot of the dolls fell over. And of course the only damage done was to one of my dolls. My beautiful Equestrienne's horse broke his nose. I was shocked when I first saw my poor horse but now I can look at him and laugh. Thank goodness it was a clean break so I need to get styrofoam glue for the styrofoam part and I think Grippp will work on the paper mache part and then some paint touch up. Hopefully he will look ok. I guess that's the chance that you take when you show your dolls and they are not displayed in a closed in case or a protected area. Lesson learned!!

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