Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Waiting Up" is finished!

"Waiting Up"
 I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted.  I haven't been totally slacking off though. So, ok... I told you about Ed's eye surgery, well  a few weeks after the doctor gave him the "all is good" the retina detached again. Scar tissue had built up and pulled off the other side of the retina. He was at the Optometrist getting a contact lens for the eye that had surgery. And he told her his eye felt funny last night and the shadow was there so she called in another doctor to look at it and sure enough he said the retina had detached. So they had a surgeon waiting up in Cleveland for him and Ed drove home to get me and I rushed him up to Cleveland and they rushed him into surgery. His surgeon from the first time was out of the country, but his partner did the surgery. He is still recuperating for another week although not as restricted as last time. WOW, this is getting boring.
But I have spent most of the last month working on my doll for the Houston International Quilt Show which I believe is the first weekend in November.

Close up of face

Close up of her book
The doll needed to be shipped by October 10 but I was able to get her out last week. I will post a picture of her later when it is closer to the show. She is there only for display, but I designed her myself and she is so pretty.

So after I finished my doll, her name is "Mother Earth" by the way, I continued on with "Waiting Up", who has no name yet. She was a lot of fun to make. First the chair was a lot of fun then making the doll and making her clothes. I love making clothes for my dolls. Her robe felt so warm and comfy in my hands I think I am going to make one for myself.
I used sheep hair that had been dyed. I got the hair at AFIC a couple of years ago. It comes from a local farmer. It was a little difficult to work with on this doll, but she certainly looks like she has "bed head". And lastly the little book was a fun little thing to make. It is just mat board covered in a piece of scrapbook paper with a decoration on the front and I used velvet ribbon for the spine. You can't see it but it has pages in it. I used some vellum that had seeds embedded into it. She was a fun doll to make.
I'm debating what to make next. I have a couple of Christmas dolls that I want to make so I should probably start those. So many projects, so little time.


  1. She's fabulous :) She's wearing my fluffy lilac slippers...LOL

    I was looking at your slide show. Wow you have make a lot of dolls and they are all really wonderful.

  2. I love the satisfied look on her face. All of the choices of color and texture are perfect.