Friday, March 22, 2013

Lillian continued...

Here is Lillian finished. I thought this fabric would be great for her coat. She has pearl-like buttons down the front, and is sporting a feather collar and cuffs. Although as I look at these pictures, the feathers seem to be "out of control"! But they don't look like that in person. I took a close up of her boots. It took me a week to make them and they are painted on but have a heel made of clay, then felt on the bottom for a sole. It was the clay-I don't know why but it scared me to death. So crazy, I'm just not use to using clay and it was such a tiny piece that if it didn't turn out ok I could make 20 more if I had to. It's just a mind block that I have to get over because I actually enjoyed working with the clay, which is a good thing because her dog is covered in clay. YIKES!! Actually, I am looking forward to making the dog, after all it is only clay over an armature. And if I have to make 10 dogs then I make 10 dogs             - practice makes perfect!


  1. She looks fabulous:) I had a hard time getting the heels of the boots to look the same. The dog was much easier because it wasn't so fiddly.

  2. I really love the fabric for the coat - so couture!