Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Doll Club Meeting

 Last Sunday, January 20th, was Time For Dolls Fourth Anniversary!! I can't believe how fast time goes by. We have a new meeting space, as our last meeting space went out of business. We talked about what we want to do this year, deciding it will be the "Year of Embellishing", so every month someone is going to give a demonstration on an embellishment of their choice plus the next 4 months we are going to make a doll one section a month with an embellishment on it. Then the group will decide which embellishments they want to learn and the following month there will be demos on those embellishments.
Sounds like a lot of learning this year - it is so great!!

 It was a bittersweet meeting though. The co-founder of this doll club,                                                                            Pam Rowe, moved to Denver a couple of weeks ago. She was greatly missed.                                                                    

I wanted to show you pictures of our round robin from last year. We started our round robin last January. We started with a plain paper mache mannequin, then we put the first embellishment on, such as painting the body and adding a head. Some people added heads and some had them added later. Then each month, except for the months we don't meet, we chose a person's doll that we hadn't worked on and added something to it. I am so amazed at what we started with and how different each doll ended up. I am showing the plain mannequin, our starting point, then how the doll was finished at the end. We have such creative people in the club it is fantastic!  

And the last pictures are of my doll. I started with the paper mache mannequin. I wrapped her in fabric covered cord and added a head. And the last picture is how she finished up. I love her! It really means so much to have a doll that all my friends at doll club have put their special touch on. She's a treasure.

I apologize if this post publishes with pictures all over the place. I seem to be having a problem posting the pictures.

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  1. Did Mickey have your doll last? I see there is a companion next to your doll that looks like a Mickey creation.