Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ling Li

 On August 8th Pam and I traveled to Dever, CO to take a 3 day class with Leslie Molen. We took her Ling Li class, she is the sister to Chun Woo. I took the Chun Woo class in April. We also took the class for her carrying case. The case isn't quite finished yet so pictures will follow.

It was a great trip. Ed and I moved fromthe Boulder/Denver area almost 9 years ago (so hard to believe it has been that long!). It was amazing to see the changes in Denver and in Boulder.

We met Leslie's "Denver students". What a great bunch of ladies, they were so welcoming and kind. Then the 2 days after class, Leslie was so kind to take us around to her favorite fabric stores and some new ones also. Those days were great because I was able to get some beautiful fabrics that are very hard to find around here in Ohio. I got some lovely sheers and silks as well as some great trims and ribbons.

It took me a while to get over the jet lag so I haven't worked on the box yet, hopefully next week

Now I am working on my Treasure of the Gypsy challenge doll for the Houson Quilt Show.


  1. I worked on my carrying case today. I love the sisters side by side. Credit card bill from the trip came today. Ouch! But worth it!