Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Chun Woo doll

 These are pictures of my doll. I bought the fabric for her pants last fall. Then I ordered some fabrics online from equilter, but didn't think it went very well with the fabric I had and I really like the pants fabric and wanted to use it. So I looked at Suzannes Quilts and I fell in love with the fabric that I used for her jacket. I also got her hat fabric which is red with black vines and I got a red batik that I used to band the sleeves and pants with. I just wished I had cut the cranes out so they would be a little higher but her bag covers them up in this picture. I have the doll on my desk and moved the bag over a little and it looks a lot better. Oh well! I was able to cut the fabric to have the colors where I wanted them to be. I got the sun in the center of her back - so cool!!  It is hard to see but I beaded a picot edge around her hat with red and black beads. I made her shoes out of dupioni silk, it's like a charcoal grey color but really dark, almost black. I love how she came out - so cute!!

The fabrics that I got from equilter are going to be used to make Chun Woo's sister Ling Li when I go to Denver in August to take the class at Leslie's studio. I'm really looking forward to that trip especially since I lived just outside of Boulder for 6 years before moving here.
Chun Woo

Chun Woo from back

Chun Woo - close up

Chun Woo's shoes


  1. Ahhhh...Isn't she a cutie. What a sweet face. It sounds like you had lots of fun making her.

  2. I didn't get a chance to see her in class. Beautiful. Love the fussy cut of the sun and are those ladybugs on her shoes? Your fabric choices worked perfectly together.