Thursday, September 9, 2010

John C Campbell Folk School

My friend Pam and I are going to the John C Campbell Folk School next week. We are leaving Saturday morning and driving to Ashville, NC where we will stay overnight then take in an art gallery on Sunday morning. We will have a 2 - 3 hour drive to the school on Sunday but check-in isn't until after 3.
We are taking a 5-day class with Leslie Molen, making her Usagi Rakki - Lucky Rabbit. Apparently it will be a small class which is great, more personal attention from the teacher and it will be nice to get to know Leslie better. I signed up for a class with her at AFIC next year and she will be hosting NIADA in Denver next August (I believe). I love Denver but that will definitely be a wait and see if I go, too far away to think about right now.
I plan to take a ton of pictures, but I usually plan to do that, and get caught up in what I am doing making the doll and forget to take pictures. I will try to remember to take lots of pics. I am so excited - a whole week of doll making and learning - YEAH!!!

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  1. Enjoy! We will also be in NC this coming week - but at the beach. It's a beautiful state. Haven't signed up for AFIC yet...still debating.