Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sherry Goshen's Challenge Doll

I've belonged to Sherry's Yahoo Group for a while now, almost since it started. We are now having a Personal Doll Challenge. This is very challenging for me , I'm not much of a designer. Sherry sends us a pattern piece each week and we have to make them the way that we want, but there are some specific things that have to be included and some twists and turns along the way. Monday, we received the legs. The directions were muslin, 2 layers of tulle and another layer of muslin. Well, I don't care for muslin so I used a white fabric with black polka-dots. Then instead of tulle, which I think is hard to see I used netting in black. It's kind of hard to see them in this photo, but I like the way they turned out.
I just really don't know what to do for shoes. They need about a 3/4" heel. I was thinking black boots maybe in ultra suede or leather and something really cool for the heel. There have been a lot of great ideas for heels on the message board. It is so hard to know what to do since we have no idea where this doll is going! Sherry did preview the look of the body, which is next week's piece, it was quite interesting. I think I'll make that in a skin colored fabric since it had a long neck. Stay tuned we'll see where this goes!!

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  1. Love those legs. Course, I love polka dots, period. The feet are fabulous looking, I almost hate to cover them with shoes. But, the shoe ideas are fab too. Haven't started mine yet..probably tomorrow.