Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finn Darien is finished

This is my Finn Darien from the Barbara Schoenoff workshop that my doll club, Time for Dolls sponsored.
We had a wonderful weekend, there were 17 students in all and we had a great time.
I'm not totally happy with this doll, it's not my best work by far. There were a combination of things that came together, this was the first time I had used Airtex filling in a doll and I think I need a little more experience with it. Poor Finn's face wasn't stuffed well at all and I wasn't crazy about the colors I chose for his clothes. I don't like earth colors especially brown but this doll really required those colors I thought, so his clothes came out ok but I'm just not feeling "it". Then the doctor called the Monday before the workshop and moved my surgery up a week so it was the day after the workshop - aaauuuggghhh! I had to change appointments, freak out about the surgery, finish the pre-work for the doll, finish the name tags, freak out about the surgery, Pam and I set up the classroom, had to get the ice for the water, freak out about the surgery - YIKES!!
Anyway, everyone did have a great time at the workshop although I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked to but it was great.
So, tomorrow is the 4 week mark for the hysterectomy. Still feeling more pain then I thought I would, and I have zero energy, can not believe how tired I am all the time. I bought some vitamins today so hopefully that will help. Some people I know told me I would love having this surgery, well guess what - NOT LOVING IT!!! They probably loved it because they were having big problems and felt so much better after. My situation wasn't like that but it was really a good thing I did have it because my pathology report was a lot worse than I thought it would be but we caught everything in time and now all I have to do is heal.
Unfortunately with having no energy I haven't made any dolls. I have 2 Christmas dolls waiting to be made and a purse that I want to make. I go in my sewing room and sit for a while then get up and go lay down on the couch, but I guess I just need more time.
Well, I do write this blog basically for myself but if anyone out there in cyberspace is reading I hope you have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. Ваши работы заслуживают восхищения! заберите награду у меня в блоге!

  2. Finn looks like he was worried about you. He needn't have been since your surgery went well and you are recovering nicely.

    Please take pictures of him from the side and back so we can see the whole costume.